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Originally Posted by pppyj1402 View Post
loca missed...T.T
Missed it? it's this sunday

how did you miss it?!

Come out, it'll be fun. It's my 3rd track day in my Z4. 2nd day with the RS3s

Originally Posted by kiwi29 View Post
I always see you posting up threads on buttonwillow's track days, they should really sponsor you or something from all of this lol
Seriously lol

I just really want people to come out. When I was 16, I didn't tracks existed so I always did stupid crap on the street.... canyons, freeway "runs," redlight "battles" and all that shit. Unsafe, risky, not worth it.

Not to say I don't speed anymore (I speed but a lot lot less, I'm 70mph on the freeway in the right or middle lane lol), but it's really helped get all that testosterone we have hehe

I've made a lot of close friends too from tracking, so I love it. I spend more money on tracking than I did on all of my girlfriends over the years combined lol