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Originally Posted by que2k View Post
Bird crap on your car is a fact of life so I didnt think too much of the one that blesses my car yesterday.

Anyways I was planning to give my car a total detail so today I washed, claybar, Klass AIO and waxed my car......

6 hrs later I'm admiring the job I did and noticed that you can still see the "shape" of the birdcrap on my trunk from the day before.....

So now I'm totally paranoid, was there something so toxic in the crap that has permanently stained my car??

You have to really look to see it but you can see the paint almost has a honeycomb look to it and you can see its in the outline of the splashmark...

I had a very similar thing happen to me....

I had a good layer of Zaino Z-2 on my car and many applications of Z-8. Then one day I noticed a bird dropping on my hood. I carefully washed it off the same day. I then applied Z8 but it was still there.

I came back hours later and it was gone!

It must have something to do with a chemical reaction with the Z-8. But was it with the underlying Z-2 and Z-8 or the layer of Z-8 I put over the stain?