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The bumper plus paint is still going to bee 700ish. Bmw just replaced my bumper and its brand new paint. No reason to get new one.. Unless someone is interested in the bumper
I got a rep Mtech rear bumper painted and installed for no more than $500.

Yes I know its now BMW paint, but the match/blend is perfect with the car. If you dont wanna spend that, hold out for someone parting out. I always see posts with members trying to trade there Mtech bumper for stock.

Id rather see stock rather than a cut up stock bumper with some funky diffuser thats been added on.
When people have cut their standard and added a diffuser .. It looked oem. Looked just as good as oem mtech imo
Dude I have been reading this thread and I remember the one your thinking about. Forget who made it but its not available anymore plus it was more then a couple hundred bucks. And still didnt look as aggressive as the msport bumper because of the missing lines that the OEM bumper doesn't have. Sounds like you want it the looks but don't want to pay for it, who cares if you got a free bumper painted from BMW its the stock one and worthless on here as most want to upgrade to msport