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Originally Posted by rodi View Post
i use a D3 for stills. and a 5DII for motion. i've used the canon for stills quite a bit and its autofocus is just not up to par to be a professional camera. even in the lowest of light, the D3 can pinpoint just about anything with its center focus point. not only that, but it's extremely fast and doesn't seek. it surprises me sometimes. even the way it'll follow what you just locked onto as you recompose. the canons just can't do that. thankfully, autofocus is not used in video. although, i have not tried the 1DIV. i'd bet that it's close to the nikon's.
I've read that the 1DIV is supposed to follow it's targets pretty well, even if other objects get in the way it can still follow to a certain extent. I haven't experienced this myself, but all through reading. Sounds impressive.

So, if a majority of the nikons or all of them can do that, then that's very impressive and can hardly wait until canon catches up on that...