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Originally Posted by jamba29 View Post

I have a problem with 2005 e61 535d, I tried to deactivate seatbelt gong with ISTA-P 3.6 automatic conversion function and ended up with seatbelt and airbag lights on. I did convert the gong back to active but lights remain.

I cant access CKM with ISTA P i'm getting error 1000, could this be related?

I tried reprogramming all safety bus modules(8) and still no luck. ISTAP can't set the system time because satellite modules SBSL SBSR and SZL have error codes that cant be erased.

These modules with errors don't come up on NCS expert module list so i cant write empty .MAN file on them either.

No physical work has been done to the car...

Also i can't find the assembly numbers stated in the SBSL backup zif on any sp-daten? Is there a way to reset module to a backup with Tool32?

Any help is much appreciated!!

ZB number 6974364 (SBSL module) should be available in any relatively current SP was released in 2005 and has not been superseded.

Tool32 cannot default code or restore firmware.

I'm not sure why an attempt to deactivate the seat belt reminder would cause these problems...

What is your Terminal 30 (KL30/Battery) voltage?

Are you using an ICOM interface?

Why did you flash the modules on the safety bus?
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