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Thanks for replying

I tried flashing with WinKPF it passed OK, but the faults are still there.
I flashed safetybus modules all at once with ISTA-P because i figured it could then set the time properly if all modules are initated at the same time.

I think the automatic function for seatbelt gong programs CAS and LM modules only. Could this be it has corrupted my VO and that is causing the errors?

The part i dont understand is, why are my SBSL modules showing physical fault error codes when only coding has changed? Also the seatbelt light is always illuminated, but when i drive off without seatbelt the chime starts and when i plug in the seatbelt the chime stops. So the parts are working its just the coding thats now off.

Terminal 30 is at 14,5V.
I'm using K+DCAN cable.

If the VO is off, could this be why i can't see SBSL module on NCS expert or is it something that wont show anyways?
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