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Update on my part

So I have been in contact with local indies and almost all said, that it probably can be done but some said that they wouldn't do it because they need to offer warranties and since it is not an approved swap, they don't want to take the risk.

Anyways I went ahead with my order since two shops were willing to do it and ordered 6x N54 injectors, should receive them by the end of the month.

My parts guy actually contacted his friend at BMW EU warehouse and got a this little info snippet - there were talks that BMW is going to merge N53 and N54 injectors into one product since - surprise, surprise - they both work in N53 and there is no need to keep two different injectors. Only took 14 years to figure this one out Only difference currently was that N54 injectors has a slightly larger needle to allow more fuel but since ECU controls it, it just doesn't have to open as much when installed on N53... But as previously mentioned here, you have to swap ALL of them, no mixing and full reset of engine adaptions after it.

I will update once I have them installed on my car.
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