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Originally Posted by Daaaaaaaan View Post
OP's bolt is different. OP's has an integrated washer, but yours does not. Maybe that's what you mean by flange? OP, does the washer come off the bolt (might need to hammer it off as it might be held by corrosion) or is it 1 single piece?

That's why we want OP to take a picture of the bottom, so we can see if it was sheared off, or if it was that length from the factory.

OP needs to provide a lot more info. Could be road debris for all we know.

Here's a pic for the backside of the bolt.

There's no washer it's part of the bolt, it was found in the engine bay on the side, must have been left there?

Originally Posted by TheMidnightNarwhal View Post
I think the older VRSFs downpipes came with a plug that looked like OP's with the washer, as my plug was like OP's IIRC.

This listing has the pic with a plug bolt with washer but it's hard to tell image isn't high res.

It could be from downpipes like in the pic actually. The o2 sensors are pretty large.
Prolly not a drain plug since the bottom is clean? No o-ring found.

Bought downpipes at n54tuning 6+ yearss ago, unbranded but prolly vrsf tbh. So that lines up with it being the older vrsf that had this. There is hope

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