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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
My point is that people are so often more likely to seek legislation than to go out and try to take care of issues on their own too. If you vote with your pocketbook, it means WAY more than voting with a ballot these days. Seriously, if you are so concerned about illegals in your area. Then find out what businesses are using black market labor, and stop using them. Maybe even follow it up with a letter letting them know why they are losing your business. Yes it might sound small, but if you could convince your neighbors and the rest of your community to act this way too, then the problem you are faced with might start to get alleviated.

PS, edit, the book "Reefer Madness", by Eric Schlosser, has a great part in it about the black market labor that centers around migrant farming. It's an interesting read about this subject to anyone who is interested.
No matter what the plan is, we will never rid ourselves of all 1/2 million illegal aliens here in AZ. The people that are super concerned about illegal aliens here in AZ certainly have the option to go out of their way to aviod businesses that hire illegals if they want. Personally, it does not affect my daily life to the point where I feel I need to spend any of my valuable free time figuring out what businesses use illegals. In adition, it is highly unlikely that anyone will be able to pinpoint who these businesses are.

Like many, I'd like all the illegals gone just based on principal alone. They simply do not belong here.

So any law that DETERS illegal immigrants from coming here in the first place is a good one, such as the new law here in AZ. The law will be most effective as a deterant.

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