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Waiting On Another One

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Unloading on Original Date

The Grand Venus is about to drift by Catalina but only at 10 knots after cruising in circles fishing for rock fish most of yesterday. Realistically, it shouldn't get into Port H until about 5 PST. That puts it back to the original date but, at least, it should be ready to unload early tomorrow. I'm guessing the VPC has plenty of cars based on the time it is taking for cars to be delivered from the Platinum Ray (unloaded 10-5). And, of course, today is a federal holiday so customs agents will be drinking beer rather than doing body cavity searches on those ED vehicles. A bunch of hyundias & kias are being unloaded today but I doubt if too many people take delivery of those overseas. The customs process for not-yet-delivered vehicles is pretty much paperwork. I would assume that BMW employees work today so maybe they will catch up. Now is the time to start thinking about ordering things like genuine BMW rubber floor mats and nice high quality license frames to replace those tacky dealership ones.
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