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Originally Posted by fmusignac View Post
Well thanks to roybfr and WERND it went well. It took us a while to figure out a couple things (like how to access the battery in an E93 - super annoying task). Overall the install was smooth and we were able to install the intake and the JB4 with the USB routed to the globe box in about 3 hours. The results were instantly gratifying, especially after the first time revving it up and hearing the turbos really come alive for the first time. Seems the car should have been tuned this way from the factory, especially with the M Sport package, but thats another story.

I have not been able to really push it to its limits but ran map 1 for a couple of days and am now running map 5, which I dont know if it has adjusted to my car yet. The car feels more powerful (although not 60 hp more) but I will it it a few days while the temperatures gets under 100. Its been hot here!!! Overall I am still please with my purchase. The steering controls are awesome. The needle sweep on startup is cool. iDrive warning disabling is welcome. Again the sound of the turbos make me smile every time. Just makes me like my car even more. Props to Burger Tuning for a very well engineered product.

Anybody wants to check it out LMK, will anyone be going to the the picnic this Saturday?
I'll be back in WDM tonight. I'm down to check it out -- who knows I might end up with one myself!

What's your schedule look like?

Originally Posted by WERND View Post
I'm probably going to swing by the picnic.......after MY friday night install. I was impressed enough to order a JB4 and dual cone intake. Should be here friday, can't wait!
That's awesome! Looks like I might get sold on this too lol
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