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If anyone knows someone looking for some nice wheels and tires, spread the word around for us please...

Location - Des Moines, Iowa - pick-up welcome!
Contact - PM is best
Description -

- A set of 4 Kosei K4R wheels fitment - 17x8 +50 square setup.
- These are great for auto-x, road racing etc. We had this on our STR S2000 with Star Specs for 3 events and it did very well. Has about 600 miles on them.
- I will also include a set of muteki black open end lugnuts with key and all 4 hubring spacers.
- Center caps also included.
- These were on the car for 3 auto-x's and are in MINT condition.
- No curbage, scratches, dents etc. Some tiny marks in lugnut hole area but this is unavoidable and cannot be seen. These are like NEW, I promise!
- They are ridiculously light at 14.9 lbs and on my scale weighed 15 lbs, but have valve stems installed.
- We ran 235/345 combo on our STR S2000 and no rubbing whatsoever lowered on swift spec-R's. I swapped the 245 in front and no issues either. So, you can run a square 245 and give up some tire, but save 4 lbs on each corner compared to the T1R C3. You could almost put 255 DDSS's on this and the stiff sidewalls may make it a good combo.

They sell for $800 + shipping new at Tire Rack. They are currently unavailable and ETA is 08/27/12, but the ETA has changed twice...I would like 600 + shipping - you are get lugnuts and valve stems etc too, remember!

Pictures -

2) Also, selling the star specs 235/40/17 and 245/40/17. Also have 600 miles on them and 3 auto-x's since they were put on new on the wheels above. Tons of tread life. I paid 730 + shipping for these, I will take 500 + shipping in the USA. Hope the pictures above suffice for the tires.