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Originally Posted by edowen View Post
lovely mate, although I personally dont think the wood looks right.

New Media system is awesome, and I'm really glad I went for it. Logic7 is great, so the individual system must be awesome.
OK a few comments. 57.6mpg is not real, it is 52mpg. The display overreads by 10%; I have checked this over the 5000 miles I have had the car for. Now 52mpg was exceptional BUT I drove up north on a Friday and the roads were busy meaning speeds were between 50mph and 70mph and not a lot more. Also, there were extended periods on A and B roads and M1 roadworks where 50mph was it, no more and not much less and that is 1200rpm in 6th.

Steve748, rather than select music collection, I select external when I play off my 16GB memory stick in the centre console. When I decide I like the songs, I use the front glovebox socket to transfer then to the hard drive.

I agree abut the wood, I should have gone for the black/grey poplar (that is my only regret, other than ordering the 6CD changer, which was a waste).

I really like the individual sound, so crisp and real quality when loud. I have not heard Logic 7.

JZ69 - yes, all ordered alphanumerically. I guess you could change the ID3 tags before loading?

Real mpg over 5000+ miles is 46 (OBC shows 51.3)

Does anyone else notice that their OBC mpg jumps in 1.0 approx and not 0.1 mpg increments?

Thanks guys.
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