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Originally Posted by kujo View Post
yes, the 35 1.4L is by far my favorite lens.
Especially on the 5D with it's full frame sensor, as it's sooo sharp, all the way to the edges...... From 14mmL to the 600L, I've had them all and this is still lmy favorite of the bunch.

The #3 shot, isn't panned at all.
It's shot from a car mount, mounted to my brothers A4.
It's a custom set up, mounted to the lower bumper/trunk area.
Then, I prefocused the camera and lined up the cars, in an orientation we can match while driving.
WE drive both cars at the same speed and I line up the photographed car and trigger my camera with a Pocket Wizard remote.

It's totaly hit or miss.
I'd shoot 100 images and 5 would be good and usable.
But, it's a poor mans Shelly Ward rig.

Yes, I need to find the time to get out and shoot some pix of the new 335 for sure.......

I have been using the 35 1.4L on my 20D to achieve a "normal" focal length on the 1.6x crop body. I have been salivating over the 5D, but am waiting to pull the trigger to make sure nothing major is announced in the beginning of March.

Do you have any pics of your car rig? I love the effect of a rig shot. I have wanted to try this, but am always nervous hanging my camera and good glass off of a moving car with suction cups.