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Originally Posted by TiAg335i View Post
I'm actually pretty lean to begin with and am by no means fat, I'm 5'9 145 lbs at the moment. I still eat whatever I want most of the time.

I suppose I should cut down on the unhealthy saturated fats and carbs a bit, keep lifting weights and doing cardio, and I'll see results. Anyone have advice for what to eat and not eat in particular?
cutting carbs, but upping protein will help for sure. keeping a log of your calories per day for a couple of weeks will help you see what and how much can be cut from your diet. once below 10% body fat, it requires (for me anyway) a lot of work to keep it there.


carbs: should come from whole grains (brown rice, sweet potatoes, some whole grain bread, etc.)
protein: should come from low fat meats/fish, beans, nuts, eggs/egg whites, non/low fat milk products, protein supplements
fats: nuts, flax, avocados, olive and grape seed oils etc.

the most important aspect to diet, is to avoid processed foods as much as possible, eat lots of veggies, avoid sugars, and drink lots of water (a gallon a day). space your meals out every 2.5-3hrs (keeps your metabolism going), and try to keep the carb/protein/fat ratios consistent.

ratios should be in this ballpark:

carbs: 50%
protein: 30%
fats: 20%

good luck!

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