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Originally Posted by Cookiemonster View Post
These posts are bullshit.

Calories in....calories out.

We all have decent abs...they are just hid by fat. If you do any type of work out you have abs....its just you can't see them.

Can't spot reduce fat. You can do a million crunches a day...but if you dont lower your body fat it will not help.

Gotta lose the fat....which equals losing some pounds.

Cardio, ab workouts and swimming will help abs but make them no more visable.

Can't reduce fat in one section of the body...when reducing it is an all over thing.

Gotta lose weight to lose fat.
Originally Posted by scs View Post

80% diet, 20% exercise. whatever your current diet is, cut several hundred calories, keep working out, and you'll lose the fat. body fat needs to be well below 10% to see definition.
Originally Posted by Augenbrauezug View Post
Thank god.

My clients who don't believe that the secret to being cut and great abs, is diet and cardio drive me up the wall. You can do crucnhes and variations to you bust your gut, but it won't mean crap if it's hidden by a layer of fat.

Start getting really picky about your diet, even when your eating certain foods. I advise my clients to write down everything they eat and when they eat it for a week. Then I take that and evaluate it and only make tweaks, it makes a world of difference.

If you can do that for a week and PM it to me I'd be more than happy to help you out.

Wow reread that, my post was choppy and sloppy as hell.

If you write down when your eating and what your eating for a week that will help a lot. I can't tell you how many people tell me they eat healthy, and when I break it down they may be eating healthy ofr the most part but it's all timed horribly.
To these three^

I've known the OP was lean (sub-10% bodyfat IIRC?) since he's mentioned it on the forums before. You can have a low body fat % and still have sub-par abs. Core exercises are still crucial to proper ab definition.

He even stated it again in this thread.
Originally Posted by TiAg335i View Post
I'm actually pretty lean to begin with and am by no means fat, I'm 5'9 145 lbs at the moment. I still eat whatever I want most of the time.

I suppose I should cut down on the unhealthy saturated fats and carbs a bit, keep lifting weights and doing cardio, and I'll see results. Anyone have advice for what to eat and not eat in particular?
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