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Originally Posted by ericfox11 View Post
You love the comments stating the truth that financial advisors take some off the top and that each individual needs to weigh whether or not they need a financial advisor and know the fees before they get started? And I even clearly stated that for most people a financial advisor makes sense.

If you really knew what all your financial advisor does, you probably wouldn't agree that it is worth the potential 100s of thousands of dollars you pay him.
Pretty sure his comments were more about how you inferred advisors are sneaky and slimey... leading me to believe you had a bad experience with one person, or are just completely misinformed on the subject. Saying "I'm an advisor" is about as descriptive as "I drive a car." There are some out there that operate as you describe, but there are also a whole lot that don't. Again, speaking about an "advisor" really means very little and gives no one any special credibility... though that Diablo guy seems to be quite happy coming in here and telling everyone his 'title'.