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So it's an E90 then .... or is it

I've decided my 2001 E39 520i is now due for change (I've owned it from new) and I looking to line up a replacement

I now don't need the size of a 5 series and would like something a little nippier than the current car but with better mpg. My mileage should also drop down to about 15k but this will involve several longish trips so the ability to munch miles in comfort is important to me. Also forgot to add MUST be an auto.

My initial thoughts are either a 320d or 325d auto am I thinking along the right lines or should I also think about a C class, or even somethin else before making the final decision. Budget is up to 20k and I'm not looking to buy new as I don't want to take take too much of a hit on depreciation

Any ideas thoughts welcomed