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Originally Posted by Tzu View Post
On my last DD map, I ran 11.8 AFRs on pump. 11.4 on E is too rich IMO, but such is my preference.

Also, drop the P value of your WG PID settings to get rid of your boost oscillations.
Thanks for that, that was another concern of mine as well.

Originally Posted by jippii ensio View Post
Your AFRs being now in 12's is fine in my opinion. You can increase AFR further, but what are you actually after in doing so?
Because that is where E85 is most effective, at higher AFR's. And that is where my car SHOULD be running, not in the 11's.

I am a stickler for details, if its not right, its not correct.

Also, I re-uploaded the stg3 map. At an OL of 60, AFR target map cells at 60. I am back down to high 11's, never touching the 12's and my trims actually touched 34%.

Something is definitely up.