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Which version of VMWare are you using? If not latest try updating to Workstation 9.

Originally Posted by rich123321 View Post
Hey guys. Ive been coding my car ( and others) for that matter for a while now. I have the one stop electronics cable and all that but for some reason now when I am coding cars, i get the transmission disturbed error! This happens when I am reading the car ecu, it will give me the error. I just keep clicking it and then eventually it will work! Later on when changing the function to sggetfswpsw before coding it will give the same error. Eventually it will to say "basic function ended" like normal. Then when you code it will say coding is faulty and after a few clicks of execute job it will work again! How exactly should I fix this? Sometimes it chooses not to work and its a big issue and very annoying...

My setup
Windows XP VM
Ediabas 7.2 package 2.3
Latency set to 1 on both host and vm machine
Com port set to 1 on both host and vm machine
Automatic windows drivers after plugging in to computer

Just reiterating, I can code without a problem. It just takes a couple read ecu commands and the problem just goes away. I just don't want to have a situation where it won't work at all. I have a 8 pin adapter from one stop that ill try out. Any suggestions ?

Thanks guys!