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Originally Posted by klipseracer View Post
WOW? You brought the country in which we live into the topic? Really? Where we live has nothing to do with respect or our taste in cars. There are a lot of people here that AREN'T from America. Look at yourself. Apparently people from Italy like to ask pointless questions and are offended when other people don't agree with illogical suggestions. Personally, I'd be the first one to pay for a DVD recording you struggle with cutting your springs and then watching you drive off in your car, front bumper scraping the ground and your rear bumper a foot in the air making popping and grinding noises as you drive away, only to have to change them out again a week later when your suspension arrives.

Before you 'disrespect' ANYONE by saying America is a 'sad' place and become a hypocrite like you just have, why don't you think about your question before opening your mouth. If I say something stupid, I would expect to be ridiculed. That's what happens. You've ridiculed someone before I guarantee it. If you tell me I'm wrong, then I have no point here. What happened to you has nothing to do with "Americans" and that metality, "Oh the damn Americans" is a fucking disease. And if you come to me again with that attitude I'll rip the pizza pie and mustache right off of your mouth.

Lesson: Don't criticize someone for being disrespectful, and then defend yourself by disrespecting an entire nation based off a stereotype. YOU are clearly a peon who is brainwashed by your government leaders into thinking I'm a 'sad' person as you say. If you hate me, that proves it. Because I'm generally a nice person, at least until someone like you tells me who I am.

hey kid ,,don`t tell me what i need to say & what i need to be !

live ur life as u like ..but don`t touch others` life !

& btw i`m happy cuz u r an idiot american