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Originally Posted by skibbs View Post
Try out Western Garden (Suh Won) down in Federal Way off Pac Hwy, the former owners of Mirak sold it and opened WG a block away - next to Trader Joe's in the shopping center. Mirak is still good... but WG is a lot better. For the Seattle area, I like Seoul Hot Pot (no BBQ) near Overlake for casual Korean. Blue Ginger has better service/atmosphere and has BBQ, but it seems more hit and miss than Seoul Hot Pot the past few months. Other than Seoul Hot Pot, I haven't found anything in Seattle that compares to what is available in Federal Way... and that is being generous.
I'm gonna have to try out Western Garden next time. My wife and I have been craving to get take out again soon from Kokiri (by far our fav kplace in the area). Ebisu told me to check out Palace - it's close by so this will be done sooner than WG/SW.

Seoul Hot Pot is decent, but I can't say that I crave it. The small dishes were severely lacking and that's make/break part of the meal for me. Blue Ginger is craps as far as I'm concerned and it's overpriced to boot.

I'm TOTALLY with you on the Federal Way props. It's worth the drive, but I just don't have the time now like I used to a few years back with the baby around.

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Yeah man tell me about it. The food down there is like 10008032823893282389x better than the food up here and cheaper!!

what is that soju and where do i get it?
JIBZ There's korean food in LA and then there's food here... *sigh* The bummer about my trips to socal is that there's never enough time to get everything done and then throwing in the commute/driving times, huh?

Lemon soju is like Mike's Hard Lemonade on roids....omg that stuff rox. smooth & sweet. the consummate chick drink...but perfectly acceptable for guys to shoot/guzzle. heh

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When you see another enthusiast you line up, honk 3 times, then smash on it... lol jk