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Originally Posted by 98005xi View Post
JIBZ There's korean food in LA and then there's food here... *sigh* The bummer about my trips to socal is that there's never enough time to get everything done and then throwing in the commute/driving times, huh?

Lemon soju is like Mike's Hard Lemonade on roids....omg that stuff rox. smooth & sweet. the consummate chick drink...but perfectly acceptable for guys to shoot/guzzle. heh

It's not fair, I gotta move back down there lol.

I actually don't have that bad of a time with traffic. Just avoid the 405 and the 10 during commute times ESPECIALLY THE 405 - damn parking lot. I mostly take the streets going east and west in town like Pico, Santa Monica Blvd, Olympic, Venice, etc. Can get from BH to Santa Monica in like 15 minutes as opposed to 1 hour + if you took the 10. If you know the side streets you don't have a hard time at all. The bummer is having to leave Socal, just way too epic.

Sounds so good man....So where do you go for your KBBQ fixes? I'm having withdrawls and need some along with all those small dishes they give you with it - I have no idea what they are, but boy are they good!
some italian, german, and japanese ones; and on order more of the same