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Originally Posted by akirk18 View Post
First off, I have a 2011 e90 with a JB4 stage 2, vanguard exhaust, icarbon catless dp, charge pipe, and an intake.

Every now and then ill have a problem where soon after i start my car ill pull up to a stop or just anywhere i need to slow down to turn and the engine will just shut off. The car is still on but the engine is off and the car doesn't even realize the engine is off, like it doesn't make any dinging noises and no lights come up on the dash indicating the engine is off. It reminds me of how the auto off feature is on some cars but my car just doesn't turn back on.

It seems to only happen when the engine isn't fully warm yet and when the JB4 is active, not on map 0. No codes are ever thrown so i can't investigate the problem myself.

Does anyone have this problem also? Or have something for me to try?

That happens to me sometimes as well but my car runs fine other than that.