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Originally Posted by Smooth 330i View Post
electric steering, cheap interior plastic, horrendous front design, bloated, drives like 5 series, unrefined noisy 4 cyl @ ridiculous price, etc., my opinon only of course. I hope Lexus and Infinity up their game and get BMW back on track. loaded F30 335i is how much??? Cayman here I come!
I can't comment about the driving experience since I never test drove one but the interior looks light years ahead of the E90 3 series. What cheap plastic are you referring to?

I actually prefer the new F30 exterior design compared to the E90. But looks are subjective.

The price is not ridiculous at all. It is just inflation. 2007 335i cost 39000 MSRP. 2013 335 cost 43000.

Check this out:

What cost $39000 in 2007 would cost $43038.40 in 2012.