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Transmission Leak

I had a leak coming from under the car (2007 335i, 62000 miles, auto) around front/middle but definitely not from under the engine. The leak started back in September, but I hadn't taken it to get fixed until now; mainly because the car is not my daily driver. So, I brought it in to a shop, got it on a lift, and they determined it was a transmission leak coming from a bad seal. It looks like there is an electrical quick disconnect for the transmission that plugs into some sort of threaded plug. The threaded plug has 2 o-rings on it that prevent transmission fluid from leaking out. It was these 2 o-rings that were bad. The mechanic said I had lost 2 liters of transmission fluid over the 6 month period. Thought I would document this in case any else is having a similar problem. My 3rd party warranty company denied the repair, which was to be expected. The mechanic charged me $200 to replace the threaded plug, with 2 orings, fluid, and labor. Pics below:

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