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Originally Posted by johnnymu View Post
Yes I believe with ease, when okami was able to clinch a single leg on Anderson, yes it looked easy. Now comparing the two telegraph attempt with no setup, Yah that won't work obvious. Even I can see that coming. I'm not going debate that Anderson is best or not, cause I know he is but I'm just predicting an upset. It's called an upset for a reason.
I know anything can happen in MMA but when you predict an upset, you have to go into more detail then just flip a coin. How do you expect Okami to win?

Silva is way too fast and is technically a better striker than Okami.
Silva grapple game is perfect, he has an awesome Muay Thai clench with brutal knees.
Silva is comfortable on his back, he's submitted opponents before - even Dan Henderson. You will rarely see him on top because he prefers to stand up and finish the fight in style.
Silvas takedown defence is really good. It takes someone with a resume of Sonnens wrestling background to take down Silva and hold him down. Also, you need to take into the fact that Silva had a rib injury going into the fight and Sonnen was banned for PEDs later. Imagine if he had won the fight he would have been stripped of his title - then people would pay more attention to the fact that Sonnen cheated.
Silva might get taken down, he might - or it might end up being like every other fighter that has tried - remember Maia?

The guy has the ability to finish the fight at almost any moment. I think if you take Silva out of the MW division, it's a pretty stacked looking division with some good fighters. But with Silva in the mix, the difference between no.1 and 2-100 looks huge.