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Originally Posted by kiwi29 View Post
What would I need to drop the pan for? Is there something located in there?
On an AT you need to drop the pan to change the filter. I see you have 6MT so this doesn't apply to you, but the portion of the discussion I was replying to was about AT.

At 60k I would change every fluid/filter in the car if it's not known whether it's been done before. Brake, clutch, coolant, steering, transmission, diff(s), transfer case (if applies), fuel filter (though we can't on the E90), engine air filter, cabin microfilter. I'm waiting for my Pentosin CHF-11S to arrive so I can do the steering, then I just have the transmission and diff left to change on my new-to-me E90. Plugs have also already been discussed. I was pretty happy with the price I found on Amazon ($71 for 6, free shipping in CONUS).

You should probably also carefully inspect the belt and related components. Over in E39-land, a bunch of us would remove the idler pulleys and repack them with grease on a regular basis. On my 14 year old E39, the AC tensioner pulley never needed replacing and the tensioner pulley near the alternator only needed replacing once before I started this habit. I've used a stethoscope to listen to the pulleys on my 60k E90 and they sound pretty rough. Shockingly, the belt looks perfect, but I'll have to get it off to tell for sure.

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