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Originally Posted by kiwi29 View Post
Would i really need to replace the cabin air filter? i hardly use AC only heater. What signs would be a good indicator of needing replacement on the water pump? lately my car has been acting pretty weird with the radiator fan turning on randomly at idles, would this also be a sign of needing that coolant flush? i contacted him for an oil filter but no response yet
Honestly, I'd probably replace windshield wipers before I replace my cabin filter LOL. I can't really answer your questions specifically because MY answer hit me while I was on the freeway. Basically it was like limp mode for a n52. The fan blowing on idle may be a sign because when my shit failed, the fan was on high throughout the 3mile freeway crawl and upon start up the next day the fan would turn on within 30seconds of the car being on which forced me to have my car towed to my dealership. I can get back to you on the cost for the repair if you're curious.