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Originally Posted by Torgus View Post
It will barely be noticeable. The gains from having a better intercooler far outweigh the volume increase. Most people don't even notice going from stock to say a 7.5'' race IC. The stock snails spin up VERY fast. They also produce a TON of heat. Hence the stock IC being useless.

As far as CX racing, get the 4'' thick version, not the 3.5'' everyone seems to buy if they still sell it. You have to call and ask it is not on the website. IIRC the 4'' is like $475? 3.5'' is $420 Getting very close to the cost the the BMS or VRSF 7.5'' race intercoolers.

The VRSF race is 3'' in and out vs. 2.5" Inlet & Outlet with the CX racing. Not a big deal unless you are shooting for big numbers. The big difference is weight. CXRacing is 18lbs vs VRSF 45 lbs. That is a HUGE difference in favor of VRSF.

I vote get the largest you wallet can afford.
How is weight an advantage?

I personally track my car with a 5" and I'm fine with it. Worst iats I've ever seen was at pocono raceway when it was 96f outside. I hit 17xf while topping out 5th gear. I dont see that high of an iat at any other track. In perfectly happy with that as even 17xf is not bad at all. I usually see 14xf at other tracks with shorter straights like Lime Rock.

I'd rather have the lighter/smaller 5" intercooler than a 7.5 that weighs 45lbs. Iats arent as important as ppl make them out to be. The car hits 200f+ on the street with the stock intercooler and the world doesnt end. Just dont tune the car to the ragged edge of knock with 70f iats and then hit the track... that will result in lots of knock. If it bothers you that you're leaving 1-2* of timing on the table because your iats are 20-30f higher than they could be with a bigger intercooler than get the bigger intercooler.

I am n55 with a ps1 turbo tuned to 90%+ wgdc just for reference. I also like running e85 tune at the track. I am tuned for e40 but put in closer to e50 on track days to have the increased buffer of knock resistance.

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