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Originally Posted by Speedwell-Industries View Post
If you could own one BMW for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

If we are talking practically..
then its my 340i

engines powerful 0-60 under 5s is good enough for me
sonorous exhaust not obnoxious
solid rigid chassis
trackable and yet comfortable as a daily driver
ridiculous efficiency over 30mpg on hiways
great handling esp on my rfts on curves
good lines of sight front and rear
beautiful classy yet sporty lines not obnoxious
nice functional interior not obnoxious
iDrive is just "useful" and functional
lots of useful tech such as Heads-up & speed limits
carries passengers with enough comfy room and comfortable ride
can adjust adaptive dampers for ride

easy to maintain so far ole reliable
lots of affordable parts for mods, upgrades, and maintenance
plenty of F30 owners with great knowledgebase for sharing
just below an M w/o the maintenance costs of one..

I mean its fairly ridiculous how a single car can do this