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Originally Posted by idrift4wd
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I was looking around and have been troubleshooting my car, since I am not getting full boost. I have checked the vacuum lines and for boost leaks. But have reset my JB4 (ISO) to defualt settings, but what exactly does that do? When I reset it my map that was previously selected is still in the same position...settings like auto DCT off and guage sweep are still turned on. Shouldn't these all be turned back to the defualt settings???
reseting your jb4 should reset all your map parameters if you messed with them.

all setting like radio off, dtc on, and sweep should all be the same.

what do you mean your not getting full boost?

I just re-read your post. So looks like the map should stay where it's at. So sounds like my JB4 might not be the issue.
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