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Originally Posted by N55 View Post
When I had my CPO 08 335xi E90 with 14k miles, I was in the shop more than I would of ever expected. I was on average in the shop 2-3 times a month, sometimes 2 times per week.

This was not just one problem, everything that could go bad went bad. HPFP, LPFP, All Seatbelt Tensioners, iDrive, Eroded Cats, Injectors, Both Adaptive headlamps, Both Tail lamps, cigarette port malfunction, the list goes on and on.

What sucked was the dealer was 45 minutes away.

I eventually got to my last straw and traded her in for a new 2011 335 which had very few problems. I had it for 1.25 years and I was only in the shop 3 times.
Pre-owned BMW 3 series (certified or not) are risky because when brand new the BMW 3 series are relatively accessible and very nice to drive and there are so may "enthusiasts" out there that can afford these cars, beat the $#@% of them and/ or tear them apart, track them, use all kind of unapproved oils they believe are superior etc ... then when the things start to go wrong they try to put everything back together and pass their car over to you.
I never buy pre-owned and maybe for this reason my BMW’s have always been very reliable. Although I've owned two 335’s with N54 I didn't have HPFP issues nor any other major issues, only small stuff that the incompetent dealers couldn't fix (actually I got the cars back with other problems due to their incompetence) and I had to find the necessary time and do it right. It is a pleasure to work on BMW’s because these cars are so well made; the problem is I don't have always time for this... each and every time after I got the car back from the dealership I've noticed they put extra miles on my car ranging from ~27- 41 miles. This started from the first day the car got in their hands (after each European delivery.) Based on how the car handled I suspect they beat the $@#% of the car too, on each occasion. If your car is a 335 the chances they will use your car as some sort of a free rental is much higher.
I suspect all of the above doesn't apply to Toyota’s and Honda’s, it is a BMW specific situation due to the nature of these cars. BMW of NA must step in and fix this otherwise they will have to pay the price for their dealers incompetence, sooner or later.

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