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Just wanted to give you my perspective as I'm a council highways inspector and I have dealt with many claims for potholes over the years.

If you hit a pothole and it pops your tyre or cracks a wheel make sure you get proper photos of it with a measurement clearly shown as soon as possible (as some councils are quick to fill them) and please bare in mind that if its not at least 40mm deep then your claim is unlikely to be paid out.
You will most likely need to fill out a claim form and being as clear as possible is always best.

The problem you might find is that if your council has an inspector like me visiting the road and inspecting it every year, 3 months or monthly, depending on the traffic flow, they can then say that "at the time of the inspection there were no actionable defects" and most courts will see this as doing enough to minimise danger to the public and will probably not pay out.

If anyone has any questions then drop me a pm, always happy to help.