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sim rig is not easy to set up!

bought a Next Level Racing GT Track something rig and a NLR GT Track seat, and NLR seat mover

bought Fanatec GT DD Pro base with X box compatible wheel

lucked in on a PS5 drop

rig - ok that's the easy part

seat mover - only works on PC, it's ok, adds a bit of movement but nothing special, infinite adjustability - seriously i don't have time to tune the seat mover!

GT Track seat - the most uncomfortable seat for me. made for hunch backs. it has the most negative lumbar space of any seat ever made!

Fanatec GT DD Pro + CSL Load Kit / Pedals + WRC Elite Wheel
- takes a million years to tune it to every single &^% PC game

I think I'm just going to give up on this and buy a real car


/rant over

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