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I was all over the place for many many hours before I started to develop the feedback feel in the wheel and brakes to what is the road feel vs tire grip/slip in turns or under braking. I don’t think there is any kind of tutorial for it you just have to experience it and it will click at some point.

I found Assetto Corso CZ was the best force feedback for learning the feelings of the car, GT7 not so much, however GT7 license is the best way to learn driving techniques by going for gold… it’s a really tight margin to get gold and it’s pretty darn hard.

What helped me the most early on was sticking with a single track and running it over and over trying to beat times (AC CZ is still best for this). My biggest mistakes were trying to turn while braking, and over turning the wheel. There is a hint of force feedback you are sliding - you have to sensitize yourself to when that is occurring… it’s when feelings smooth out that you have to ease out of your turn or off the brake. The last tip for braking is learn turn markers, the 100m 50m… and how much braking to apply at each turn and what MPH you can take each turn at… that will give you a baseline to build on and then when you start completing clean laps that’s when you will begin to notice the “feel” more of the limits of the car and how that comes through the wheel as grip or slip.

Drive61 youtube has some great 5-8min videos on learning skills after you get the basics down, watch those after you can get a few clean laps. It’s all about apex, trail braking, gaining times, etc..

Clipping is something you will feel, all of a sudden in a tight turn the wheel goes from feeling something to feeling nothing but flat linear resistance. With the Fanatec DD settings you won’t see much of it in my experience.

after you get the basics down, and clean laps then lower or Turn off ABS and TC so that isn’t preventing you from learning the limits and feelings of the car…

During the learning process I began to wonder if all of this is me just learning a game and not learning how to race a car in a way that would be transferable to real-world… Once I started getting decent lap times on a few courses… it became apparent that while I understood driving I really was terrible at it. I knew what an Apex was, but I didn’t know how to go into it with the right braking and come out of it with the right acceleration… so it’s not a game, you will understand driving much better as you build the skills. It’s primarily a lengthy period of learning the feel and how to approach a track. Now I can go to any track, even a new one and bang out a half-decent lap time on first try.

Here's their forum, at the bottom is each game has a topic, and the first post in each is from Fanatec on their recommended settings... find the DD in that post and you should be good. ignore everyone's comments... I've found after trial and error that most of those people have poor setups or they like certain things to be oddly set as a personal preference.

maintain patience; it gets better and like me, I think you are coming in with expectations of it being easy/quick to learn, it will take time and to give you an estimate, likely 40 hours or so of time in the seat to get you there, not 2-4 hours.

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