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Originally Posted by KORALLROT View Post
So jelly right now. Did you get any of the packages? Are they any good? Recaro seats yay or nay?
Sorry I disappeared for a while.NO leather and no Recaros. It's actually my sister-in-laws car that she keeps as a toy at my shop & she doesn't care if I drive it. She sent me to make the deal on it last fall and it was the only one I could find in the area. When I showed her the #'s it made sense to go with the ST. It doesn't take many options on a regular Focus to get it up to the ST's price.(I negotiated it down to $24,200 with the options)You give up a nav system and leather so you can have that engine and suspension...that sounds like a fair deal to me. Granted, I LOVE the Recaros (especially the blue car), but this car does have the appearance package (18" wheels, fogs, moonroof and a few others, so its not like its stripped. I really do love driving this car. There's just something about it. I wish I could find a pic I snapped. In person the yellow is retina searing on a sunny day & it has a lot of metallic to it. Ford really did a good job with this car