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Connecting with HK Community for E9x


My wife and I own an 323i E93 (WL32) 2008 White/Red, full stock, no mods, and happy with that. We love that car and wish to keep it as long as it goes. I would like to connect with the E9x community of HK to share good tips and address, especially on garages for maintenance and paint jobs (scratches).

Hence we would like to have this car well maintained by people who know BMW/that particular model and if possible are a bit passionate about it or their job. Speaking a bit of English would be the cherry on the cake so I don't use my wife as a middle man.

Our current garage just makes sure it runs, and maintains it like any other Honda, Toyota or Minibus that may pass by... I guess they only see the resell value of the car, which is now close to nothing, and maintains it accordingly, rather than caring for the car to last no matter its market value. Just another perceptive or spirit.

Just for the story, one day I smelled engine oil in the cabin. I opened the engine cover and saw the engine covered in oil. When I went back to the garage and questioned about the situation, I got the answer: "we have know this issue for sometime, but since it doesn't put the engine at risk of failure, we have not advised repairing the leaking gasket"...
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