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335i coolant leak and erratic electronics

Hey guys got a situation I need advice on. I have an 09 335i manual 2wd in good shape running jb4 with a few bolt ons. I left the car idling today in cool weather. Went inside to talk to someone and came out 1 hour later having totally forgotten my car was on. There was a puddle of coolant under the car and dash was lit like a Christmas tree. I let the car cool and found the coolant boiled over and came out the top of the overflow tank. I filled the now empty tank and then ran the bleeding procedure, refilled the tank, and reran the procedure. Now the car drive fine but proceeds to overheat quickly. My idrive display also turns itself on and off and my wipers run continuously without me being able to turn them off. I also got the following codes:
2e98 Generator
CD95 operation cruise control/ACC drive cruise control
2deb Power management2e82 electrical cooling pump switch off

for context you should also know my thermostat failed open about 2 weeks ago and Im waiting on the new one to come.

Any ideas?
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