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Thanks for the input bud...

I am not so handy with electrics, but do you know whether or not i should be looking at a specific Relay? considering a ballast requires 8-9amps of power to start and stock bulbs only require 2amps... Should i be looking at something in particular?

I back down some VERY dark areas, and my fog lights, my turn lights etc... are just not enough to safely illuminate the road. My parking sensors dont work as i may fall of the edge of a small drop... Reverse cam, is very expensive to wire into my OEM iDrive...

HIDs do get do not get terribly hot. The stock 22watt bulb is only a little cooler than a 35watt bulb... it wont be on for excessive amounts of time... 30 seconds at most which is not long enough to melt anything.

I know ballasts dont like being turned on and off, but i do it with my OEM Ballasts and they are fine... If they blow, ill just change them out.

Ballasts would be mounted directly to the metal of the body so hopefully that should help disperse a little heat...

Many have been running them in other cars without problems, so i should be alright. Just have to make sure i have the correct relay