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I actually didn't know that lol I just assumed the n55 335i also came with the DCT. I have a 2008 N54 135i so I have the steptronic but when bmw switched the 135i over to the n55 in 2010 or 2011 they also upgraded the 135i to the dct.

Yeah I've heard the same thing about the dct slippages but I read that it seems to happen at 450+ hp and since I don't plan on upgrading my turbos I would be fine I think. (With meth and E85 I'd probably pull in about 420 probably the next thing on my to do list). So having a silky smooth dct would be nice but I just have to live with my steptronic until the M4 comes out in 3 years
It varies, I have an upgraded clutch on my DCT and with FBP+Pro Tune im sitting around numbers most the the meth/race gas guy has and my DCt is holding storng 45k miles soo far.

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Anyone going to Cars & Coffee on Sunday @ Chateau Coffee in NOLA?
I swore we had a cars and coffee at chateau already? Because I was there.
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My life is complete. Yodaime has commented on a post with my car in it.