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Originally Posted by wren57 View Post
Right... I was saying that if you use the same size ring on the inner and outer it gives the appearance of the outer ring being smaller (because it is further away from the spectator).

They definitely look much brighter in those pics! Is this the same ring OSS uses? Can you PM me a quote for a prelci e90?

Oh, and why does it always look like there is an LED out at the top of the middle rings? This isn't specific to your kit but to all LED ring kits.
I get what youre saying now. My apologies for the mis-understanding.

In regards to the gap at the top of the LED ring. The design of these rings is not much more than a simple printed circuit board shaped like a circle and has a bunch of LED's soldered onto it. The gap is nothing more than just the junction of the two ends. It is also where the wires that power up the circuit are located. Another thing to keep in mind is that the gap is only visible in pictures, that can magnify the spaces between all the LED's, and from really close up in person. Otherwise, the brightness of the LED's fills in the gaps very effectively and is hardly noticeable.