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Originally Posted by Benniese90 View Post
my e90 monaco blue clearcoat was bubbling, cracking, and peeling on the trunk. I went to wal mart and bought a couple cans of clear gloss top coat in the automotive section and layered in on with about 13 coats drying about 15-30 minutes between coats and it looked awesome for months. I had to delicately sand down the failing cracking parts first and wrap the car in plastic to keep it off of the rest of the car. but i did it in the sun and mild wind. However, last month i was installing a new pressure regulator in the gas tank as my brother was watching/helping and he put a gasoline soaked towel on my trunk and it screwed it up so now i gotta sand it back down and redo it.
my point is its a cheap and easy fix that actually looks really good, restores that factory shine, doesnt look ghetto, and holds up to the sun, rain, and machine and hand washes just like the factory stuff does.
If you are going to clear the car yourself using a rattle can, use a GOOD 2k clear coat like this; . 2k clear will be way more durable and look better.
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