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Originally Posted by Swedish Salmon View Post
Today I tried the headlights, only one angel eye since the outer ones cable broke off but still, just wanted to check functionality and see that I get no fault codes. Success!
No fault codes, angel eye is working properly since I tapped into the wires correctly.

When I have done the other light and mounted both of them should I will use bavgruppe's guide regarding changing the voltage and coding some changes? When I have the light switch att off/0 it lights up well, when I set it to right so what I think is only angel eyes, it's bright, when I go to low beam or auto it will lower the output of the LED. Is it fine?
Yes that's fine unless your happy with the brightness of them as they are? And I'm pretty sure it's normal for the angel eyes to dim when the low beam is turned on does it on my stock headlight f32
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