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Originally Posted by Brule View Post
Cheers I enjoyed the feeling the in the first 100m it was pulling nicely.

To get in the 9s 100% need a diff change but im keeping the 4.10 as I prefer roll racing and its perfect for 200m.

I can put the boost up now as I have grip and have enough rpm at rolls to put more power into it.
I can understand you wanting to continue with the roll racing as it is more enjoyable than drag racing and I believe you have more roll racing events than drag racing events up there in Darwin. I still believe your car would perform better in roll racing with 3.5 diff gears. I compared your timesheet with my 10.7s timesheet and mine was slightly quicker at the 1/8 or 660 point in the run which as you said is the length of the roll racing.

My timesheet
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Your timesheet
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