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So, I finally finished the job, it took several months but I did quit working on it for a few months and time flew by. I did a complete rebuild on the car.
The car was first restarted 2 days ago, and it started right up everything was fine until it wasn't, the idle started to drop and the car to run rough. I kind of expected it since the reason for the rebuild was that the oil overheated to a point when it became a ball if carbon literally. Every ounce of oil was bunched up together into a ball at the bottom of the oil pan. I personally have never seen that before. I will show a picture of it so you guys can witness it.
So rough idling I immediately thought Vanos Solenoids. I have cleaned the crud off the solenoids beforehand, but they still did not both work effectively. Took them out again and recleaned them and actually took measurements in Ohms at 11.3 ohms each and used 12v to activate them which they did. Recleaned and put them back 2 or 3 times. The codes were all Vanos related, which triggered the coils to show misfire on all cylinders. So, after a few times, I finally got the carto run really smooth. I even took out thew oil sensor from the filter housing and cleaned it up. Was getting a code for that too. Cleared it right up. Slowly the misfire codes disappeared. But one more thing to point out the filter cap has an insert that seals the filter housing from the oil pan. Well, when I removed my old filter crudded as it was it took the insert with it to the trash. And I did not realize how important that was until I saw a YouTube video mentioning the issues you could go through if you drive it that way. So, I bought one from the local dealer. Now the car is running super smooth only one code is left. 2A85 which is the outlet solenoid so exhaust. The thing is it only registers a code on restart within 20 seconds. If I erase the code while the car is running it doesn't come back. The intake solenoid is not throwing any codes anymore.
So as soon as I start the car within 15 seconds the RPM goes from 850 to 1100 really briefly, like instantly and the code registers. It only happens once after every restart. It's a cold start deal. 2A85. Any thought on it? Some say to drive the car for a few days after cleaning the solenoids and only then to change it or them.

Here's the picture of all pictures, i know many of you have never seen this type of mess and hopefully never will!
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