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Drives: 2007 335i
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Location: Pembroke Pines, FL

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User name: Rnmevo9
Year / Model / Body style (ie 2008, 335i, coupe):2008 E82 135i
Trans (Manual, Auto(steptronic) or DCT):Steptronic
Fuel (octane rating or E85 mix):93 octane/E85 mix
Tune / Map (JB4 / Map 2):Cobb Stage 2+ OTS E30 map
Intake type and brand (even if aftermarket replacement air filter):stock
Intercooler (if aftermarket what size in inches if applicable):Helix
Downpipes (brand / size / catted or catless):Raceland
Exhaust (brand/ if axle-back /2nd cat delete):stock
Meth Injection (brand and H20/ME mix):N/A
Rear Tires (RFT/Street/Drag Radials and size):OEM RFT's
Miscellaneous, (this could be anything like weight reduction, nitrous, upgraded turbo, LSD, DA (Density Altitude),
wheels, BBK, clutch upgrade, whatever you think effected your times):350ft DA

ET: 12.15
60': 2.192