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I've had a computer since I was 11; I graduated from high school in 2002, and did not attend college.

I started off doing support for my high school, then on to a small local computer store, followed by some dial-up support, I worked at a school district as a user support technician, from there went to a law firm as an application specialist (which was really like system & network admin since I managed our remote access and firewall at remote sites). I made a lateral move from the app specialist position into a larger firm (different title but literally the same work). I've been here for 8 months and in two weeks I will be moving to SoCal to take care of the smartphone servers for one of the worlds largest firms..

I have 90% convinced myself to get a degree, but not technical related - I have 12 years of professional work/technology experience, I don't need a degree in technology. The key is to get a degree in business administration & management, to round out your offerings. If you've got all of the tech skills, certs, etc., then you need to focus a bit on being a people person and showing that you would not only be able to be part of a team and support them from the technology side, but also manage and lead them effectively.

I do not hold any major certifications, though there was a groupon deal I bought, I purchased an online learning track for the CCNP; $99.. can't beat it. (I completed the CCNA courses in high school but we didn't do the final cert test).

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