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Exclamation POSSIBLE LEMON - 06' 325i

Hello everyone here at E90 Post,

I'm a new member to the site and I have a problem here that I'm not sure how to handle :/.


So I have a CPO 2006 BMW 325i with 51,000 miles on it. It has the extended CPO warranty but not the maintenance. I go to BMW of Dallas to get my services and they have always been timely and I have never had issues on my end with the car other than this one.


When it rains and only when it rains and I have been driving around through puddles and on the highway there is this problem near the mid lower end of the car. Around the splash guard or the undercarriage. Every time I go over speed bumps (even slowly) or up inclines whenever the two front tries hit something that slows them down something sounds like it is moving up and down in my car and sometimes even scraping.

What I have done:

I have taken the car in for this problem about 5 times already and have been through different service managers; some nice and cooperative and some incompetent and rude.

Around the 4th time I took it in for that issue I decided to have someone from BMW of Dallas drive around with me so that they would be aware that there is a problem and im not jsut making this up whenever it rains.

A shop foreman drove around with me and clearly heard the problem and was very nice about everything and he said it probably had something to do with some bushings getting wet and the water acting as an anti-lubricant that probably caused a problem. I thought that was probably the case too. I was at 48,000 miles at the time and in a hurry to get this all fixed. They fixed it and said everything should be fine and now im at the 51,000 miles and it has rained these past three days and sadly... I noticed the problem again.

What should I do they know there is a problem and they haven't helped me at all. Could this possibly be a Lemon or have some sort of problem that merits a recall or something of that nature. Please help me out I love BMW's and I will drive one forever but I cant keep driving this particular vehicle if this problem persists.

Thanks everyone sorry if this was a bore.