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Pretty common. It's the cable on the regulator fraying apart and getting tangled on itself. If it hasn't already, a plastic clip will break and then the window is not gonna go up anymore. This seller on amazon has it for your car at less then $50. Supposedly it will fit a 330xi/i 2006 e90. Make sure for yourself and that you order for the correct side. Pretty sure there is a difference between the left and right for the part.

The pics on this do-it-yourself is just red x's, but the youtube vid still works and shows you everything you need to know. I payed $91 at the dealership for my windo regulator, although tischer had it for $70 something +shipping. Just didn't want to wait. I thought it was very easy to do. Took less then an hour.

The hard part was syncing the window to fully close/open and behave the way it's suppose to.